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Celebrating the Gifts of Hospice Volunteers

Heart ‘n Home Hospice Honors its Volunteers during National Volunteer Week, April 19 – 25

National Volunteer Week provides the opportunity to recognize the millions of Americans who provide volunteer service in communities across the country. At Heart ‘n Home Hospice, our 300 trained volunteers are giving selflessly to help people live as fully as possible, even when facing a serious or life-threatening illness. Even now, when our volunteers can’t visit patients and their families in the home, they are helping our staff meet needs by sewing fabric masks, writing letters to patients, creating beautiful handmade cards for patients, making check in phone calls to patients, planting bright flower pinwheels in the lawns of facilities outside of residents windows, and making flower arrangements out of their own garden for our Nurses to deliver to patients.

“Given that hospice volunteers accompany people along the journey of a serious or life-threatening illness, they serve an essential part in enabling Heart ‘n Home to offer the best care possible. By sharing their time, energy, and expertise, our volunteers bring compassion and caring to the lives of those in need and we celebrate them not only during National Volunteer Week but every day,” said Adam Stice, Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Volunteer Services at Heart ‘n Home.

It is federally mandated under Medicare that five percent of all patient care hours be provided by trained volunteers, reflecting the vital role that volunteers play in the provision of care. But even if the integration of volunteers was not required, we would still consider them critical members of our team. Our community is a better, more compassionate place because of their service.

“It has been rewarding hearing stories from a man who rarely spoke, to communicate with a deaf man, to see a “grumpy” man light up after being gifted some flowers, and to make a sweet woman feel beautiful with a new manicure each week. I learned that each of these people has had different hardships, but they were all grateful for small acts of kindness, especially the listening ear. The simple gift of listening or the power of presence made all the difference in these peoples’ lives,” shares Heart ‘n Home Volunteer, Krya.

For those interested in learning more about hospice or volunteer opportunities, please visit GoHospice.com or call us at 1-800-HOSPICE.

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