Celebrating our Hospice Volunteers! Meridian, Idaho - Heart 'n Home Hospice & Palliative Care, LLC

Celebrating our Hospice Volunteers! Meridian, Idaho

Heart ‘n Home Hospice & Palliative Care celebrates VOLUNTEER RECOGNITION WEEK: APRIL 15-21!

To celebrate Volunteer Recognition Week, Heart ‘n Home will be recognizing our outstanding Hospice Volunteers each day of the week (16-20th).  We will be honoring each Volunteer Team by office.  Heart ‘n Home currently has 5 hospice locations in Fruitland, Idaho; Emmett, Idaho; Caldwell, Idaho; Meridian, Idaho; and Baker City, Oregon.

I urge each of you to join us in recognizing and supporting those who volunteer and serve.  “We hope that Volunteer Recognition Week ignites a spark of motivation within each of you to volunteer your time and special talents to help our hospice patients and families through one of the most difficult stages of their lives.” said Brianna Walter, Director of Volunteer Services at Heart ‘n Home.

Kicking off the week with the Meridian Hospice Volunteer Team!  Thank you to each of the following Meridian Hospice Volunteers whom together have donated over 11,073 miles and over 1,401 hours! Thank you:

  • Brittany Barnes, Meridian Hospice Volunteer
  • Lauren Beyer, Meridian Hospice Volunteer
  • Kelsey Bruch, Meridian Hospice Volunteer
  • Joshua Casaos, Meridian Hospice Volunteer
  • Larry Clucas, Meridian Hospice Volunteer
  • Mary Corn, Meridian Hospice Volunteer
  • Michael Crawford, Meridian Hospice Volunteer
  • Rachel Dailey, Meridian Hospice Volunteer
  • Kim Gardner, Meridian Hospice Volunteer
  • Justin Gause, Meridian Hospice Volunteer
  • Garrett Gilbreath, Meridian Hospice Volunteer
  • Whitney Godsill, Meridian Hospice Volunteer
  • Sally Guaspari, Meridian Hospice Volunteer
  • Jason Hanley, Meridian Hospice Volunteer
  • Meg Kevan, Meridian Hospice Volunteer
  • Sherry Kroon, Meridian Hospice Volunteer, Heart ‘n Home Case Manager
  • Patricia Kubicki, Meridian Hospice Volunteer
  • Justin Martin, Meridian Hospice Volunteer
  • Cindy Mason, Meridian Hospice Volunteer
  • Vickie Mathew, Meridian Hospice Volunteer
  • Arla McEvoy, Meridian Hospice Volunteer
  • Marcus Miller, Meridian Hospice Volunteer
  • Liz Mills, Meridian Hospice Volunteer
  • Susan Palmer, Meridian Hospice Volunteer, 11th Hour Volunteer
  • Danae Perkins, Meridian Hospice Volunteer
  • Emily Price, Meridian Hospice Volunteer
  • Dustyn Putzier, Meridian Hospice Volunteer
  • Audra Rajsich, Meridian Hospice Volunteer, Heart ‘n Home Program Representative
  • Tim Tracey, Meridian Hospice Volunteer, 11th Hour Volunteer
  • Brianna Walter, Meridian Hospice Volunteer, Heart ‘n Home Director of Volunteer Services
  • Jocelyn Welch, Meridian Hospice Volunteer
  • Karen Zagol, Meridian Hospice Volunteer
  • Gladys Clymens, Meridian Hospice Volunteer, 11th Hour Volunteer

Be watching for more Volunteer teams to be recognized!

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Hospice is About Living Life Fully

I am a relatively new employee at Heart ‘n Home. I may also be one of the oldest. If you had asked me a year ago if I would be working for a hospice organization I would have questioned your sanity and said if anything, I was planning for retirement – not a new career. Then, after 10 years of dialysis, my mother said that enough was enough and she ended those treatments and chose instead to become a patient on hospice. Hospice set up a bed in her home on August 7th and Mom died peacefully in her sleep early on the 14th.  She was not on hospice very long, but it was enough for our family to gather around her, care for her, sing her favorite songs, pray with her, love her and let her love us back. I had actually worked with hospice off and on my whole career as a pastor, but this was the first time it was personal. With the help of hospice, Mom was able to live out her life fully to the end and to die well.

Her passing marked the beginning of a crazy and amazing year. I was still not looking for an opportunity to become a spiritual care worker for any hospice organization, but when my wife was given the opportunity to begin a new counseling challenge at the medical clinic in La Pine, Oregon, I thought I would see if there was any jobs available for someone with my spiritual background. I did not have much hope that I would find something in La Pine, so you can understand how amazed I was when I saw an opening there with an organization called “Heart ‘n Home Hospice & Palliative Care, LLC.” I applied for the job and two weeks later I was hired.  Three weeks after my start date, I was in a completely unfamiliar town, being overwhelmed with learning a new job  and the Heart ‘n Home way. I began my spiritual care work the week before Christmas, my wife and I moved the week after Christmas, and we have been adjusting to life in the wild and crazy “city” of La Pine ever since. All together, it has been a pretty steep learning curve.

Just a few days before my mom died, my daughter gave birth to twins – a boy and a girl. My daughter lives on the East Coast and my mom in the West, but she was able to see their pictures before she died, which was a joy for all of us. This year I was able to spend a week with them on the anniversary of their births. They wore me out, but it was a wonderful weariness. Maybe I am seeing things because I want to, but I am convinced that already I can see something of my mother in each of them. He has her smile and she has her love of music.

Those two young lives mean many things to me. Love. Hope. Gratitude. Pride. Remembrance. A fierce determination to protect them, even with my life.  They also remind me that hospice is about living life fully, from birth to end of life and back to birth again.

Ron Z.
La Pine Spiritual Care Provider
Heart ‘n Home Hospice & Palliative Care



Fruitland Hospice Volunteer of the Month

We are happy to report that Ella, an excellent Volunteer for Heart ‘n Home in Fruitland, Idaho has been chosen as the Hospice Volunteer of the Month for March 2012!  Ella has been volunteering since July of 2010 and she currently visits three patients.  She can be found doing everything from providing companionship to running errands to rolling hair in curlers for her Fruitland neighbors.  Ella notes she especially likes sharing in the stories and the experiences of the people she visits.  She states she gets to “meet interesting people” and she likes helping others, doing even little things for them.

Ella first came to know Heart ‘n Home because they cared for her husband approximately six years ago.  She notes that there were not as many Volunteers in the beginning and thinks it is wonderful to see that there is more help now for patients and families.  She began volunteering because she had first cared for her mother, followed by her neighbor.  After that, she figured she could help others just as easily.

Ella enjoys spending time with her family; she has five grandchildren and three great-grandchildren who visit from out of state when they are able.  Ella also enjoys reading just about anything and, once she is finished, she enjoys sharing books with others by passing them along.  She also states she, “always enjoys visiting with others.”  Ella likes to stay busy. She worked for the Payette, Idaho schools for 36 years and now looks forward to giving her time to volunteering.

With a cheery disposition and smile always on her face, Ella is a wonderful Fruitland Hospice Volunteer for Heart ‘n Home.  She willingly gives in various ways to multiple people and her dedication to volunteering is admirable.  Thank you, Ella!  We appreciate you!

New Executive Director in Fruitland, Idaho




Tonia Atkins, Fruitland Executive Director

Heart ‘n Home Hospice & Palliative Care, LLC is pleased to announce that Tonia Atkins has been named Executive Director of its Fruitland location. In this role, Atkins will oversee clinical and clerical management in several administrative areas, including Human Resources and education.

Atkins joined the Heart ‘n Home team in 2009 and has been promoted from her most recent position as Director of Outreach. “I am very passionate about advocating for hospice. I believe that everyone deserves to access their hospice benefit. By providing education to the community about what hospice can do for you and your family during the end of life journey, we are bringing hospice to more and more people each year. This education changes lives every day and I am proud to be a hospice advocate in all of the communities we serve. As Executive Director, I hope to bring hospice to more families in need by supporting our team in providing legendary service to our community … every day, every time. My goal is to provide continued education to the Fruitland and surrounding communities about the wonderful gift hospice can give to those in need.”

About Heart ‘n Home
Heart ‘n Home affirms life by providing emotional, physical, and spiritual support to our patients and to those who love and care for them. Heart ‘n Home is a local, family owned and operated company and serves 11 counties across Oregon and Idaho. Learn more about job openings and career opportunities at Heart ‘n Home.

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