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Supporting Elderly Parents: What You Must Know

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Due to life expectancies increasing, many people are suddenly finding themselves the caregiver of their elderly parent. Most of us do not want to think about our parents growing older and reaching a place that they no longer are able to fully care for themselves. Yet, it is happening to hundreds of people on a daily basis.

Fascinating History & Facts About La Pine, Oregon

I really enjoyed putting together this article all about the beautiful city of La Pine. It was as if I could actually smell the fresh scent of pine trees when I closed my eyes. It reminds me of a vacation spot where you could just sit on the side of a lake or take a hike in the mountains and get re-energized, refreshed, and renewed.

12 Tips for Living with COPD

People living with COPD face physical challenges. They may also have worries and feelings that can make life difficult. If you or a loved one is learning to live with COPD, there are steps you can take to help cope with the lifestyle changes this disease brings. Knowing about COPD and the management of the disease’s symptoms can help you feel more in control.


The Bend office will be one of the eight Heart ‘n Home locations. Other offices reside in La Pine, La Grande, Baker City (Oregon), Emmett, Caldwell, and Meridian (Idaho), with corporate headquarters in Fruitland, ID. Heart ‘n Home has served over 3,000 patients and is excited to bring the same quality of care and legendary customer service to the community.

National Volunteer Appreciation Week: April 21-27

There are numerous simple, yet powerful ways Heart ‘n Home Volunteers make a significant difference as they provide emotional, spiritual, and physical support to hospice patients and families. Every hospice volunteer experience is as individual as the person donating their time.

New Research Validates That Hospice Saves Medicare Dollars

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Research out of Mt. Sinai shows hospice patients have lower Medicare costs, reduced use of hospital services, and that hospice can improve care quality. New research published in the March issue of Health Affairs found that hospice enrollment saves money for Medicare and improves care quality for Medicare beneficiaries with a number of different lengths of services.