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They Are Americans

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A WWII Army Veteran, my father told many stories of basic training at Schofield Barracks just outside of Honolulu. We heard about the 50-mile uphill marches while carrying 100-pound packs in the midday sun with 100 percent humidity. He described his boxing matches (he was super fit and trained hard, but got clobbered every time). We heard about surfing, pig roasts, and bonfires on the beach, many of which lasted until Reveille. We enjoyed my father’s stories very much, but we didn’t realize that he probably had more that he kept to himself.

Military Appreciation Month

“I was raised to recognize that our freedoms do not come without a price, but from all the sacrifices of brave men and women and their families. That is why I’ve made it my duty to support and honor our Veteran employees and provide Veteran-centric care to patients and their families. ‘Thank you’ is just not enough.” Cindy Lee, RN, CHPN, CHPCA, CEO/Owner of Heart ‘n Home.

WWII Veteran Tours Idaho Air National Guard Base

WWII-Veteran-Tours-Idaho-National-GuardLooking back over the last one and a half years, my life has been so enriched by meeting and serving a humble and honorable WWII veteran, Gordon Lee. He was one of the first patient assignments I was given as a Heart ‘n Home Volunteer. I met him shortly after his wife passed away. He was so gracious to me, even though he was going through the pain and grieving his loss. We hit it off quickly, as we found out about each others military connections. I remember thinking what an honor it was to serve this man who sacrificed for our country. As the months went by, I learned more about his service. He shared his story with me, and a written version of it as well. I was so amazed at his humbleness in all that he had sacrificed and given.

My Honor Flight Experience – Part 4

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We arrived at Arlington National Cemetery, a place of extraordinary reverence to all those buried heroes who died defending our nation. We got off the bus, and with very strict instructions from our leader Lance, silence was now the order of the day. Not a word was to be spoken in honor and reverence to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.