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Caregiving Through The Holidays: Get Help This Christmas


A little Bit of Merry

Ah, Christmas. The excitement, anticipation, and stress (let’s face it) build for months. What should we give Aunt Mary? Is it appropriate to give the boss a present, and MUST we go to the office party? Who should we invite to dinner? Should we put up a real tree or drag the fake one up from the basement? The kids want expensive phones, computers, and clothing… how do we decide? And what about Uncle Harry… he’s old, frail, and alone…we should include him, but how? Caregiving doesn’t discriminate; therefore, you may need help and support with your caregiving through the holidays.

This year as you prepare for Christmas 2013, I want you to imagine the relief you will feel having an extra set of hands taking care of mom or uncle Harry. Heart ‘n Home can give you that caregiver support. We will help you incorporate life-affirming actions that will bring a bit of merry into the life of someone who needs it this Christmas, including you! We will also provide you with that extra caregiver support to give you a break this holiday season and just enjoy spending time with your loved one.

Heart ‘n Home encourages you to take a little time to think about our patients and those who care for them. They come in all shapes and sizes, all ages, all backgrounds and of diverse experience. Perhaps they are the true “gifts of the season” because they present us with opportunities to share our blessings. Think about it: amid all the holiday commotion, bringing a little bit of merry to a hospice patient or caregiver just might bring Christmas back into perspective.

Sad but true, some hospice patients are alone. They may be the last surviving member of their family, separated by distance or estranged altogether. They may be in assisted living or skilled care facilities, who although try their best to create holiday merriment for their residents, it’s not the same as spending the holiday with their own loved ones.  For the family caregivers who work on Christmas Day, the holiday can be an exhausting and lonely experience.

Let our staff help you with caregiver support . For facilities, this can mean fewer phone calls, fewer trips to the ER, and a 24/7 lifeline just a phone call away. Let us affirm your life as you bring a bit of “Merry Christmas” to someone in need.

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