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Caldwell Chamber Volunteer of the Year

Bruce Barnhill, Caldwell Heart ‘n Home Volunteer possesses all the qualities of a remarkable volunteer in our community. That is why it was by no surprise to us that he has received the Caldwell Chamber of Commerce Volunteer of the Year award!  As a Hospice Volunteer for the past three years, Bruce has donated over 700 hours of his time visiting with end-of-life patients in their homes and at our local assisted living and skilled nursing facilities, 226 of which were donated within the last year.

Bruce has always been a volunteer who truly goes the extra mile to provide legendary service to his community. He has certified both of his dogs, Mickey and Molly, as pet therapy dogs and brings them along on most of his patient visits. The positive feedback we have received from this pet therapy has been exceptional- it makes a huge difference in the quality of our patients’ day. While Bruce visits facilities as a Volunteer from Heart ‘n Home, he doesn’t hesitate to say ‘hello’ and share his dogs for a snuggle with other residents living in the facilities he visits.


Bruce Barnhill,
Caldwell Heart ‘n Home Volunteer

Bruce is always flexible with his time and willing to make special deliveries for our patients, such as medications or medical equipment. Distance is no barrier. He currently drives to Emmett every Monday to pick up donated flowers and brings them to our Caldwell office so they can be delivered to our patients.

Bruce has also taken time to receive specialized training for our 11th Hour and Bereavement Volunteer Programs. As an 11th Hour Volunteer, Bruce provides respite for exhausted families and sits with actively dying patients at their bedside, holding their hands and offering a supportive presence while they pass on. As a Bereavement Volunteer, Bruce makes visits and phone calls to families who have lost their loved ones in order to help them grieve appropriately.

Bruce is a team player. He strives to help others each and every day. He is also a mentor Volunteer and accompanies other Volunteers on their patient visits in order to provide support, education, and ensure compliance.

While there are many volunteers within our community, what really sets Bruce apart is his commitment to our mission of affirming life every day, every time. Bruce understands the worth of each person he comes in contact with regardless of background, abilities, or level of illness. Bruce affirms lives in our community through building meaningful relationships while always demonstrating compassion and integrity.

Bruce is someone we can always count on. We never grow tired of hearing about his patient interactions and how they have “filled his bucket.” His heart is in the right place and he inspires our team to be better in our daily lives. We are lucky have to such an amazing community member on our team!

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