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Building Relationships in the Community

There’s one family in particular that we recently served that will always stand out to me. I met with a couple that was interviewing different agencies. The wife had pancreatic cancer and had stopped seeking curative treatment. After meeting with a few agencies, they decided they trusted us with her care. She had a lot of anticipatory anxiety about how she would feel as her diagnosis progressed. Our team was able to really connect and bond with this family, all while keeping her comfortable and at home. She extended her trust to us that we would be able to manage her pain, and we did. To have someone trust us with that is so incredible, but it’s what we do! She passed away with her family present not too long after. To me, this is what hospice is all about. Building meaningful relationships with those in our community as we help navigate them through their end-of-life journey. It’s a blessing to meet and serve the families that we do. Every single one.

Brittany McGlasson
Heart ‘n Home Hospice & Palliative Care, LLC

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