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Boise Hospice & Palliative Care Services

The Meridian site opened its doors in April of 2009 in its original and current location on East Overland Road.  The Meridian office provides hospice and palliative care services throughout the Ada and Boise Counties in Idaho.  Heart ‘n Home has been serving Meridian and Boise hospice patients since 2004 and is excited to have a local office for staff and patients in the area.   The cities served include: Boise, Eagle, Garden City, Kuna, Meridian, and Star.

Quality hospice care in Boise is essential for this large community and we recognize that need.  Locating hospice care in Boise is not difficult, in fact given the many companies available one could make a decision quite quickly.  However, don’t let that allow you to make a rash decision when choosing end-of-life support for a loved one.  It’s important to ask questions, and more important ask around – you will be surprised what your friends and family may be able to tell you about their experiences.

Finding the right Boise hospice provider does not have to be difficult.  Once you acquire a list of hospice providers in Boise City, you will want to learn more about their reputation and services specific to your needs.

Below are some questions that can help you determine what is most important to you and your family when choosing a hospice:

  • What is their mission statement?
  • What makes them different from other hospice agencies?
  • Is the hospice Medicare Certified?
  • Has the hospice been surveyed by a state or federal oversight agency in the last five years?
  • Does the hospice conduct a family evaluation survey? What are the results? What do they do with them?
  • Are any of their clinical staff members (physicians, nurses, hospice aides, etc.) certified or credentialed in hospice and palliative care?
  • What can Volunteers help with? And how often?
  • What training and screening is done before Volunteers are placed with patients/families?
  • Will staff come to the home if there is a crisis at any time of the day or night as well as weekends? Who is available to make the home visit (nurses, physician, social worker, etc.)?
  • If the patient needs to go to a nursing home, which one(s) does/doesn’t the hospice work with?
  • How many years has the hospice been serving patients?
  • How many patients has the hospice served?
  • How soon does the intake/admissions staff come to begin the admission process? Is someone available at nights or on weekends?
  • How does the hospice honor veterans?
  • Does the hospice have any specialty programs for specific populations or diagnoses?

For a free, in-home visit call us today at 1-800-HOSPICE or we can contact you – just fill out this short form.


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