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Better Care for Veterans in Oregon

Better Care for Veterans in Oregon

Shockingly, one in four dying Americans is a Veteran. That’s 1,800 people a day; more than 680,000 Veterans every year. These heroic Americans deserve recognition for their military service– particularly at the end of life’s journey.  Heart ‘n Home is a We Honor Veterans Partner and three of our Oregon locations recently reached new levels within the program. Heart ‘n Home is excited to announce that our Bend and La Grande offices have reached Level one, and our La Pine office has now reached Level four (highest level). The goal of these levels is to ensure the very best care is being provided to those who have served our country.

So why does this matter to you? All hospices are serving Veterans, but often aren’t aware of that person’s service in the armed forces. Through We Honor Veterans, Heart ‘n Home can better understand and serve Veterans at the end of life and work more effectively with VA medical facilities in our communities. By recognizing the unique needs of our nation’s Veterans who are facing a life-limiting illness, Heart ‘n Home will be able to accompany and guide Veterans and their families toward a more peaceful ending.  Also, in cases where there might be specific needs related to the Veteran’s  military service, combat experience, or other traumatic events, Heart ‘n Home will have the tools to help support these Veterans at end of life.  Many Veterans may experience end-of-life differently.

The resources of We Honor Veterans focus on respectful inquiry, compassionate listening, and grateful acknowledgment, coupled with Veteran centered education of staff caring for Veterans.  Currently five of our eight offices are Level four We Honor Veteran Partners.  America’s veterans have done everything asked of them in their mission to serve our country and we believe it is never too late to give them a hero’s welcome home. That’s why our hospice is taking part in the We Honor Veterans program. Our staff understands the unique needs of Veterans and are prepared to meet the specific challenges that Veterans and their families may face at the end of life. We have embraced our mission to serve America’s veterans. It’s our way of saying thank you for the sacrifices they have made in serving us.

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