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Barb Knits Through Her Healing Journey

When you lose a loved one your life changes.  You have to learn to live on without them physically in your life and rely on the memories that you’ve created with that loved one. You find ways to deal with your grief and find ways to honor our loved ones and keep their memories alive.

I recently met a sweet lady named Barb.  She has been attending one of our Grief & Loss Support Groups in an effort to learn how to deal with her grief. Barb, like many of us, has experienced loss, but she has not experienced just one loss.  Knitting-grief-and-loss-therapyBarb has lost many loved ones.  During the support group, she sat and made a list of those who have passed away and she ended up with a long list of thirty-four loved ones.  Thirty-four. With so much loss, she has been working with our support groups to find healthy ways to cope. Those loved ones are in her thoughts daily and she finds ways to keep those memories alive.
Recently, Barb saw a sign for a winter clothing drive that was put on by our high school Volunteers. She came up with the idea to donate a knitted hat in memory of each of her loved ones. Thirty-four hats. Knitting is a talent of hers. She said, “I feel relaxed when I knit. As I knitted these hats, I thought of my loved ones. They are always in my thoughts.” Each beautiful hat is reversible and colorful. “No two hats are the same. Even if I used the same yarn, they come out with different patterns, she adds.”  Barb knits some by hand and some she makes with a knitting machine that she explained is kind of like a sewing machine. Both methods are therapeutic and produce lovely hats.

These thirty-four hats will bless the lives of thirty-four people. In a way, they have helped Barb on her own grief journey. It has become an act of healing for her. “It becomes something tangible, she states.” Her thoughts, feelings, and memories become a tangible object that she can hold and share with others. Even after thirty-four losses, Barb is well on her way to healing. In the rhythm of the needles, there is peace for her soul.

Knitting-helps-with-griefIf you or a loved one could use some extra support while you navigate your way through grief and loss, please feel free to join one of our Grief & Loss Support Groups.  Heart ‘n Home has social workers and Grief & Loss Counselors who can help you learn to cope with loss.  Visit our calendar of events to see when the next support group will start near you.

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