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Activities for Individuals with Dementia

Activities are great for keeping individuals with Dementia busy during times of restlessness. You may find it helpful to say, “I’m so busy, would you mind helping me?” They love to help whenever possible. When finding activities, it’s important to find ones that are within the person’s interest. Learn about their needs and history by asking them or their families. Certain activities may work one day, but not the next, so it’s important to have a variety. Remember, they are not children, so always be mindful and treat them with respect. Be creative and have fun!


Need additional ideas?

  • Cut Out Coupons
  • Read Out Loud
  • Look at Photographs
  • Weed Flower Bed
  • Wash Silverware
  • Fold Clothing Items
  • Color a Picture
  • Arrange Flowers
  • Carve a Pumpkin
  • Write Letters
  • String Cheerios for Birds
  • Have Afternoon Tea
  • Make Popcorn
  • Put Together a Puzzle
  • Make a Collage
  • Roll a Ball of Yarn
  • Recite Nursery Rhymes
  • Mold Play Dough
  • Sing Songs
  • Make Greeting Cards
  • Rake Leaves
  • Water Plants
  • Count Money
  • Paint Pictures
  • Read Bible Quotes
  • Trace and Cut Out Leaves
  • Name States and their Capitals
  • Toss a Ball
  • Pet Therapy
  • Sweep the Patio
  • Make a Pizza
  • Sort Items by Shape or Color
  • Make a Family Tree
  • Reminisce about the First Day of School
  • Decorate Paper Placemats
  • Put Coins in a Jar
  • Play Simple Board Games
  • Listen to or Play Music


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