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A Look Back on 2020 with Heart ‘n Home

As 2020 comes to a close, I think most people can agree that this year did not play out as expected.  We started January 2020 with the optimism that a new year brings and before we knew it the world was turned upside down by a pandemic.  We watched countries to the East as they started to shut down in an effort to contain this illness called COVID-19. In preparation, Heart ‘n Home Hospice developed COVID teams and a plan for the safety of our patients and employees.

The hunt for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) was on and education went out to all employees who then passed that education on to patients and families.  Making sure our patients, their families, and our staff were safe was, and is our top priority. By following our plan and precautions that were in place, our staff has learned to make proper adjustments to care, but are continuing to giving our patients compassionate, much-needed hospice care.

We applaud our staff and all other healthcare workers for their diligent service and sacrifices this last year.  We commend their willingness to develop new ways to care for their patients. Including the introduction of telehealth or phone visits when this is the best option for the patient. They’ve made a special effort to be the eyes and ears for the family when they couldn’t visit their loved ones in care facilities.  They learned to “smile with their eyes” and use their voices as comfort when their faces were covered with masks.  They held the phone up to patients so that they could call their loved ones. And they have made sure to provide compassionate care while still adhering to all safety guidelines.

With all that being said, this year has not ONLY been about COVID.  COVID changed how we did things, but we were still able to serve our patients and even had some fun. Enjoy this look back on 2020…

During the first of the year, we had a few opportunities to offer live education before events were canceled. Later in the year, we developed virtual education videos.

We were able to grant last wishes.

Once COVID hit, our Volunteers really stepped up and found creative ways to serve. They wrote letters, created flower arrangements, made wreaths, made rice warming bags, painted pumpkins, crocheted afghans, made phone calls, made fidget blankets, potted flowers from their yards, and found so many other ways to serve our patients when they weren’t able to go visit in person.



We participated in many “parades” so that we could spread some cheer and lift spirits.


We took time to celebrate the lives of the patients we were able to serve and we gave our employees an opportunity to remember the patients that they have come to know and love.

Our whole team spread inspiration through chalk art all over Idaho and Oregon.

We honored many Veterans.



We took the time to thank other healthcare workers for their sacrifices this year.

And we had the opportunity to serve hundreds of patients and their families.

As much fun as all these events have been, serving our patients is what really fills our buckets.  When people look back on 2020, it’s easy to see all the “bad” that happened, but when you really reflect on the year we see that there was also SO MUCH GOOD!  We want to thank all of you who have allowed Heart ‘n Home to be part of your 2020.  We are honored to be a part of your journey.

We hope that 2021 brings you and your family peace, happiness, comfort, and joy.  Welcome, 2021!




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