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2017 Miss Frontier Days, Zoie Town

2017 Miss Frontier Days, Zoie Town
By T. Myers, Frontier Advertising


Zoie Town, La Pine Heart ‘n Home Volunteer

When you grow up with a supportive family that extends past parents and includes grandparents and an aunt who stays very close, you can overcome many obstacles. Zoie Town has lived her life with one big obstacle because of a hearing impairment, and while she faced bullying at school, Zoie always knew that she could come home to an environment full of love and encouragement. Her home life shaped her and gave her the foundation of having an ‘open heart’ and the ability to see past a person’s outward appearances and find the real person hiding deep inside!

This is why Zoie Town is our new Miss Frontier Days! Her great compassion serve to show that intelligence and diligence, supported by a loving family environment, develops a character that is unequaled among her peers.

Besides the fact that Zoie has very serious goals of going to COCC to continue her education, she is actively volunteering at Heart ‘n Home Hospice & Palliative Care where she reaches out to help clients with everything from spending quality time with them to helping them with their end of life journeys. Zoie also finds time to work at the LPRD’s HUB program after school. (Zoie’s mom has a day care business and she has learned how to work with children since she was old enough to help!) “I didn’t think I would like volunteering,” Zoie told us, “but in all honesty, I love it. I love the people I have met, the things I have learned and I have the most amazing memories…” Zoie promises that she will volunteer all of her life because of her experiences in La Pine.

To Zoie, being Miss Frontier Days represents the culmination of her childhood memories of the “fair”, the “parade”, the “fireworks”, the small, hometown feeling town and what it means to her family and friends to be able to have fun in our community while we celebrate America’s birthday together!

A few additional facts about Zoie:

  • She graduates with a 3.47 GPA
  • She is a National Honor Society member
  • She participated in girls’ varsity basketball serving as team captain
  • She participated in girls’ softball

Congratulations to our new Miss Frontier Days, Zoie Mozzel Town!


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