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17 Years and Counting! Heart ‘n Home Senior VP Reflects!

Seventeen years! It would be impossible to write down all of the touching experiences and moments in Heart ‘n Home’s tenure over the past 17 years. The only realistic option is to share a few thoughts in a few key areas that stick out from my perspective. My name is Adam Stice and I have worked in or volunteered for hospice since I was 17 years old. Today, I serve on our Senior Leadership team. I love this work. My mother and two oldest brothers started Heart ‘n Home in 2004. I was living out of the country at the time and wouldn’t be back in the states until a year later in 2005. I remember receiving a package in the mail with rough drafts of pamphlets and logo designs. I was very proud of my family’s ingenuity and passion. It has been one of the most honorable ventures we have ever experienced. I would be confident in saying that 100 percent of our employees feel the same way. Once you personally witness and participate in a person’s journey at end of life, you can’t deny the power and sacredness that it possesses to change your heart and perspective on life. We have been changed. We have been changed because of this great work we get to do each day.  Here are the areas in which I am most proud:


This journey started with a family and is still ran by family – approximately 185 strong. We take seriously those we hire into our family. We expect a lot from each other. We help each other along the way. We laugh, cry, overcome, and struggle together – just like any family. So many people, beginning with the founders (Kris, Todd, and Cindy), have a truly lasting impact on Heart ‘n Home. Each employee brings perspective and life experience that enhances who we are. Our most valuable attribute has always been the QUALITY of our people. We are grateful to those who have dedicated their time and expertise to better the entire organization.


We started with what we knew for certain had to happen – loving, patient-driven, family-centered, compassionate care. Something we all believed in deeply. We all felt that we could create a patient experience at the end-of-life that affirmed each patient for who they are. In the beginning, and even now, most of us have had specific hospice understanding and experience that has helped the progress. We know now, more than ever before, that the core of why we do what we do is a deep love for humanity. We strive to simply believe in and love all people. We have all been blessed by wonderful family, friends, neighbors, and communities. Our company, although not perfect, is really founded on that idea. We have a deep love for all humanity. We believe that people, no matter their background, should never be alone or in pain at the end of their life journey.


We have learned so many valuable lessons during this incredible journey. We wanted to effect change in how communities responded and cared for people at end-of-life. We were a lot younger in 2004 and had just enough understanding to make us excitingly nervous. We have grown and learned along the way, greatly through some very valuable experiences. We have been blessed to serve thousands of patients and families over the years and each one of those patients has made a difference to us. We have learned so much! We have learned from our mistakes. We have learned from our success. Day by day, year after year, we have grown into what we are now. Nationally recognized as the School of Hospice. Yet, after all the success we will be persistent in staying humble and nimble. We must for our patients. We believe there is so much more to know and learn. We will strive to push the status quo and demand change. We live to learn.


The excitement for our future is palpable! Our company thrives from the opportunity to evolve and become better. We will continue our pursuit to affirm lives, fulfill our mission and vision. As an example, we have recently completed the second version of our perfect visit structure. This is after years of development – we are not satisfied with what used to work. It’s in our culture to keep moving forward. The future is very bright. We believe these next few years will be groundbreaking in three specific areas: growth to areas not currently being served with legendary hospice care, further enhancements to the patient and family experience, and unprecedented innovation in our ability to serve those suffering from grief, loss, or other trauma.

Thanks again for taking the time to read what we find so amazing. We invite you to come and check us out. You’re welcome to volunteer or visit one of our locations. Ask for one of our friendly Executive Directors and they will share what exciting things are in the works. And so, I will sign off with this final thought to our staff – THANK YOU! We appreciate the hard work, sweat, and dedication you place into your work. We recognize that without you all we could not do what we do!

Adam Stice, Senior VP of Human Resources & Volunteer Services

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