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10 Simple Ideas for Bringing the 4th of July to Someone in Need

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American Flag in StormOne of our most beloved national holidays, July 4th is about parades, picnics and barbecues, fairs and festivals, games, military ceremonies, fireworks, and other celebrations. Heart ‘n Home wishes you and your family a happy and healthy July 4, 2013 and we encourage you to take a moment to remember those whose participation in the celebrations is limited or not possible at all.

Hospice patients and those who care for them, family and medical professionals, may not be able to get to the parade or enjoy a hot dog in the back yard. Why not bring the holiday to them?  Here are 10 simple ideas for bringing the 4th of July to someone in need:

  1. Bring a plate of food from your own picnic or barbecue.
  2. Make a “Patriotic Salad” with blueberries and sliced strawberries (or seedless watermelon) and bananas. Serve mixed in a bowl or arrange the fruit on a platter in a flag pattern.
  3. Make a soft red, white, and blue (RWB) dessert (think gelatin cubes or parfait).
  4. Cupcakes are always a big hit. Decorate with RWB frosting or a combination of RWB frosting and sprinkles. Stick a toothpick American Flag or sparklers in the center of each cupcake!
  5. Give a patient and/or caregiver a pair of RWB blue socks.
  6. Do you crochet or knit? Patients and caregivers sure would appreciate a RWB scarf!
  7. Get children involved! Have them create RWB artwork and let them hang it in the patient’s room.
  8. Arrange for a small group of children to sing a patriotic song or two at an assisted living community.
  9. Watch the fireworks on TV with a patient.
  10. Got July 4th photos? Bring them to share with a patient and ask about their holiday memories.

You get the idea. Small gestures create big memories. The original July 4th was a stressful time, but today, July 4th is a different kind of holiday – a time to celebrate and appreciate “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” At Heart ‘n Home, we are especially aware that celebrating any holiday is not always an option for our patients and their families and caregivers. Bringing the holiday to them will bring smiles and hugs as you carry forth our mission to affirm life every day, every time.



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